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February 18 2013

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Russian photographer Sergey Semenov stitched together panorama pictures he took during a helicopter ride in New York City.

Note the Sheep Meadow — the 2013 picnic season is coming!

January 17 2013

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January 12 2013

December 14 2012

December 12 2012

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December 11 2012

December 09 2012

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(via Ben Milne)

November 05 2012

Panel 2 - Ignacio Mas “Propagation of Mobile Payment Innovations in Developing Countries” (by Claro Partners)

the card will be the first in the market to allow the cardholder to load funds on the cards of family members and loved ones or to transfer funds card-to-card across the nation. This feature, which Western Union expects to introduce next year, has the power to financially include millions in a country experiencing an explosion in rural-to-urban migration.
Western Union Launches Solution to Deliver Financial Inclusion to Millions in India - DailyFinance

November 02 2012

October 31 2012

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Hidalgo defined a nice framework to distinguish Big Data from a lot of data. He had three simple qualifying questions. - Do you have size? – This is pretty relative to the problem you’re working on. But it’s usually in the hundreds of thousands/millions of records. You’ll need enough to provide some statistical significance across your population. But the greater the set of data the more edges you may be able to discover. - Do you have resolution? – This brings some analysis to the data at hand. Just as all rock does not contain gold, all data does not contain (new) patterns. Low-fidelity data might be all customers transitions with order-level (total amount spent, etc). High-fidelity data would be all the customer transitions with item-level data, (the thing the customer purchased to make up the transaction.) Visa has the former and Amazon has the latter, and it’s no surprise Amazon knows you better. High-resolution data will illuminate new patterns, like Target’s recent misstep of identifying a pregnant teen before she could tell her father. - Do you have scope? – This question starts to consider the reach of your data. Are you only gathering data against a very focused problem, or are you gathering data that will give you insight beyond your core business? Being able to understand patterns outside your immediate market will create new opportunities for understanding. As an example, Hidalgo spoke about telephone companies, who know your calling patterns, but also can also make determinations around mobility patterns because they know which cell towers you’ve used during your day.
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October 30 2012

Las acciones han perdido un 15% de su valor desde que se presentó el iPhone5
El consejero delegado de Apple, Tim Cook, cambia a parte de la cúpula | Economía | EL PAÍS

October 27 2012

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